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South Bay Foundry is dedicated to sourcing and supplying a wide variety of castings, forgings and fabricated metal parts for various industries around the World. We can provide our valued customers with high quality and low cost metal products.

South Bay Foundry has successfully sourced, developed, and imported millions of dollars worth of products for dozens of customers in North America. Mr. Li Xiaoye, the Vice President of South Bay Foundry's Industrial Division, has more than 22 years experience in sourcing, developing, and importing metal products from China. The staff at South Bay Foundry is highly qualified to help you source products, with experience in international trade, accounting, and manufacturing related specialties.

South Bay Foundry has a trading company in China - APC Tianjin International Trading Company (APCTJ). APCTJ has an outstanding team of eight engineers, international trade professionals working in Beijing and Tianjin to oversee every phase of product development. South Bay Foundry works hand-in-hand with our customers and our vendors to supervise all stages of development, from inception to delivery.

South Bay Foundry currently works with more than 45 excellent foundries and factories in China. We have established a complete system for communication, product development, quality control, and logistics to import products from China. Most of our factories are ISO 9000 certified.

South Bay Foundry has very strong capability in sourcing, developing, and importing products and parts made from cast iron, ductile iron, alloy iron, carbon steel (castings and forgings), alloy steel, stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, and other non- ferrous metals. The production equipment we utilize includes:

  • For iron and ductile iron products we have jolt and squeezer molding, Disamatic automatic molding lines, Hunter molding lines, air impact molding lines, KW high pressure molding lines, no bake molding and lost foam molding.
  • For steel castings we have silica sand molding, resin sand molding, investment molding and lost foam molding.
  • For steel forging we have various die forging equipment.
  • For stainless steel we have sand casting and investment casting methods.
  • For bronze parts we have resin sand molding, shell sand molding, die-casting, and forging.
  • For aluminum we have resin sand molding, permanent mold molding and die-casting.

We have a strong ability to machine all products Our factories have all kinds of machine tools and CNC for precise machining.

Currently we are making parts and products for the water works industry, firefighting industry, valves & pump industry, engineering equipment industry, agricultural equipment industry, automotive industry and the aviation industry.

By sourcing products from China, we provide our customers with substantial savings. Reduced cost in parts and materials makes your customers more competitive in the marketplace. We welcome the opportunity to work with you to help source your products. You can contact us at, or (619)-956-2780.


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